Ryman Services LLC

Maintenance Request

If this is an emergency, please call 911.  Please do not put yourself in any danger.  Please make all efforts to secure yourself first and if possible the property.

Please scroll down to submit a Maintenance Request.  You can also call / text / write / email to submit a maintenance request too – please don’t hesitate!

Examples of High Urgency Requests: Immediately

  • Structural Issues
  • Lack of Heat in winter
  • Lack of Hot Water
  • (Most) Leaks in the Property
  • Clogged Toilet
  • Smell of Gas
  • Lights Not Functioning in Common Areas and Hallways
  • Safety Issues Such as Doors or Windows that Do Not Lock Properly/Missing Locks
  • Walkways, Stairs and Driveways Needing to Be Shoveled and Salted Immediately After a Snowstorm

Examples of Moderate Urgency Requests: In a Timely Manner

  • Appliances Not Working- If it is your responsibility to supply them to your tenants.
  • Clogged or Slow Shower or Sink Drain
  • Interior Light Stops Working- Not just the bulb burning out. The actual light fixture is not working.
  • Air Conditioning Not Working in Summer
  • Large Hole in the Wall

Examples of Low Urgency Requests: Time Is Not of the Essence

  • Cracked Tile
  • Grout Coming Up
  • Damaged Flooring That Does Not Create a Walking Hazard
  • Running Toilet
  • Small Leak or Drip in Faucet
  • Cabinet Doors Off Their Hinges
  • Interior Apartment Doors Off Their Hinges/Door Not Closing Properly
  • A Draft
  • Minor Hole in the Wall
  • Molding or Trim Needing Repair

Repairs Which Ryman Services LLC is Not Responsible For:

  • Replacing Batteries in the Tenant’s Smoke Detector
  • Removing Garbage From the Tenant’s Unit
  • Damage Caused by the Tenant or the Tenant’s Guests